It has begun
Life of a seemingly new kind
Chaos ignored, thoughts woven for fun
The clouds lifted, clear pictures unwind
It is an awakening
One chakra at a time
A keening of mind
Things pass by, in new light they shine
Ideas flow forth tumultuous and strange
Ideas of growth, ideas of change
The soul looks at this sudden assault
Growing less barren
Green begins to show, rising from below
Salted earth gives way replaced by deep soil
Lush, sweet earth for the people to toil
As things change, the whole begins to shift
Pain replaced with understanding
Hate relenting
Something has happens
Caused an awakening
I want to pay thanks
To the people around
Who’s words weighed firm
Who’s hearts broke through
You share your wisdom
He shares his patience
All together working
Bringing about the calm
Knowledge abounds, new and old
Coming together to reach conclusion untold.
Truthfully, this is but a beginning
A journey, long and hard
This is my awakening
Let me just start with the yard


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