Strange dream vol. 1

So, I had a weird dream last night. In it I was trying to go to sleep, and looking for somewhere to do so. I entered this room, in it were two beds. Above them was a massive nest of baby spiders in their web. I was terrified, so I sprayed Clorox disinfecting spray on them and watched the nest disappear, and the spiders spread across the room. As they crossed the ceiling, they began to die and fall. Initially, they only fell onto one bed, so I laid in the other. But as I tried to sleep, the began slowly falling into the one I had chosen. I jumped up, and began brushing them from the bed, but it was overwhelming. The spiders wouldn’t stop falling. They just kept coming. As I began to panic I looked at the other bed, a mound of dead spiders now and turned back to the one I had chosen. If I refused to lay down, I could keep the from the bed, but if I did relax they began falling on it once more. I screamed, frantically search for help, for someone to help me figure out what to do. Then, a voice from nowhere, a woman’s voice I couldn’t identify, spoke. I dont remember what she said, but… I laid down in the bed listening to her words, relaxing despite the spiders. As I lay there, I noticed the spiders turning into dust and disappearing. The woman kept speaking to me, reassuring, speaking truth. As I finally drifted off to sleep in my dream, I felt a hand on my back, tender and loving, then a figured laid down in front of me. I had not seen the face, nor could I recognize the voice still. But her hair, Colored red. I moved closer as did she. I embraced her, and felt her grasp upon my hand. It was all gone, all fear, all pain. The room itself disappeared as we began floating together, drifting off into the peaceful respite of slumber…. Then, that’s when I woke up today.


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