I stand and stare
The mirror foggy before me
Steam stifling breath
Hazing sight
Humidity clinging
Skin dripping sweat and dew
I stand and stare
The air heavy weighing upon me
I stand there wondering
Who is this before my eyes
Is this me
Really who they see
The amazing being people claim
Or as they say
The man held within me
Thick steam thins
I dry my skin
Slowly moving the fabric accross myself
Then the silvery glass before
I stare once more as the clouding begins
Once more disguising the visage ahead
Its surface was clean
But what of within
How clean could the heart be
How pure the soul
This visage
This hazy picture
Thinning atmosphere
Cooler air
All sight clears
The face finally seen
The visage is
Not the same
Not what they say
It is simply me
But the eyes
Maybe the soul lies
Deep in
The visage within


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