I learn things
I see things
I hear things
Your words carry onwards through me
My heart burns
My mind races
Ache fills my being
You break me down
Turn my complexity to simplicity
Harsh words you share
My being begins to unravel before me
Yet I sit and listen as I fall to pieces
Under scrutiny
Under duress
The weight pins me there in awe of you
Your knowledge of me
Without even a word from my mouth
You dig under the walls I build
Undoing me
Untying my web
I sit afraid
Barely holding myself together
Falling apart
You press deeper
Telling me more about myself
More than I thought possible
I hurt
But not because of you
I hurt because of me
Because you are right
Because I have to grow
To be more
To learn to be what I need to become
Your words assault
Deeper they tear
Many words
Hard to hear
The hurt I feel shifts and creaks
As I try desperately to be heard
My words fall at the wayside
Uncared for
Irrationality rises
Too much too quickly
And no way to speak to those beautifully deaf ears
I run attempting to preserve myself
To give me time to absorb
Soak in everything you teach
I respond finally
Hoping you hear me and understand
My words ruin once more
I try again
But now you wont hear
Unheard I scream inside
Frustration flows
Irrationality grows
Pain returns and
Again I must run
But truthfully I am still there
Unseen trying to understand
How you could know so much
But still not know
What it does
How it feels
To be utterly unheard
You see me leave
You claim I have left
Never to return
Yet here I sit


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