Eloquent poison

I search
For normality
For peace
For escape
Existentially determined
Perhaps destined to destroy
Life fails before me
Yet, I continue to struggle
To reach inside digging for more
Frantically grasping
This poison, soft and sweet
I fill myself, loading it into me
The verse begins
Eloquently, it consumes me
Destroying the troubles around me
Darkness envelops me
Destruction fills me
Eats me
As the poison wears away I see what has been done
Another hit
Just to bring myself back
Blissful ignorance
Burning desire
Painful reality avoided
Another hit
Escape is close
I feel sick
Another hit
Sickness gone, world gone
This eloquent poison
My only love
My only reprieve
I need it, I depend on it
Another hit
The pain leaves, intoxicated with the madness
Burning for more
The final hit
Gone, blank
This eloquent poison
My worries gone
My body fades, the damage done
Sweet wordless poetry
Self destruction
This poison
So eloquent
Mind death.


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